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The rotalite is the definitive turning aid for care staff and carers who are routinely involved in the moving and handling of patients.
The benefits of light weight, ease of use and easy maintenance being manufactured from 6082 aluminium and stainless steel have proved the Rotalite to be a popular choice throughout the care industry.
The rotalite was originally Cad designed with the help of care staff and occupational therapists to give an optimal solution achieving an ergonomically correct working height and :

* eliminating lifting thus reducing the risk of back injury
* gives dignified transfers
* Reduce the number of carers required in a transfer
* Simplify a task
The key to the systems effectiveness is the way the base effortlessly rotates through 360 degrees with a foot or hand operated brake to lock the base at 45 degree increments through a 180 degree rotation. The carer controls the turning speed with a steady motion that promotes patient/client security.
The Rotalites class leading weight  of 17kg and large wheels makes manoevre and final positioning very straight forward, even on fitted dense carpet.
The Rotalite is available in two widths, standard and extra wide with easy to fit options of knee support block, lift block and arm gutter support channels.

2013 development. The Rotalite now offers an increased load capacity of 222kg / 35stone with a heavier duty bearing design and seal for improved wash down performance.


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